Do you know about our PRECIGO.CA online ordering platform?

It is an online ordering portal that reflects your company’s brand allowing you to order and manage the supply of your business cards and other administrative documents, personalized or not. Accessible at all times, it benefits from being known!


An economical choice

You benefit from a discounted price when ordering via our online ordering platform. In addition, all additional orders are at a reduced rate!


Example of products :

Business cards, envelopes, folders, personalized note pads, stickers, real estate postcards for brokers, and much more!

Personalize your

Easily customize your documents with dynamic pre-programmed fields. Edit information on your printed materials such as name, phone number, address or email without the intervention of a member of our team.

Modify the

Save time by modifying your document’s images proportionally in a few clicks. Some adjustments like brightness and contrast are also possible in the application.

Renew a

A member of your team has run out of business cards? No problem! Renew your last order to receive new cards even faster.

The setup of your custom portal in your organization’s brand.

The setup of an administrator user profile (you have the control of your users as needed)

If required, the fee includes an additional product and editable fields to the existing product line.

Additional product integration fee.

2nd product :

3rd product :

4th product and more :

* Upon receipt of your visual(s), we reserve the right to apply our hourly programming rate ($55/hour) to integrate your products if they require complex programming. If this is the case, your representative will inform you in advance.
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