Eco-friendly papers

Most of the papers we print on are FSC certified, made from recycled fibres and responsibly produced. We also offer paper made from 100% recycled fibres (Rolland Enviro).

With the introduction of this new range of papers, we are expanding the possibilities for telling your story using non-wood-based papers. Discover our papers made from hemp, straw and recycled cotton fibres.

Hemp: it proliferates and matures in just 90 days. Turning hemp into pulp requires fewer chemicals, water and energy than wood.

Straw: making paper from straw eliminates farmers’ need for “fall burns” by removing the straw from their fields, creating acrid smoke and carbon emissions.

Recycled cotton: recycled cotton paper is made from T-shirts and denim scraps diverted from millions of tons of textile waste sent to landfills yearly.

Laurie LetendreEco-friendly papers