Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail marketing is a tried and true marketing strategy that has been embraced by people of all age groups. It has proven to be highly effective in reaching specific target audiences. When combined with digital marketing efforts, it can significantly enhance your visibility and increase touchpoints with potential customers, ultimately driving them to take action.

Make the most of its efficiency.


of young consumers rely on direct mail to make their purchasing decisions.


of Canadian households read the direct mail they receive, and 79% of them take action.


of Canadians open mail from a company they are familiar with.


of consumers tend to keep their direct mail communications.
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Deliver your message directly to your customer’s home.


With the data collected within your company, it is easy to establish a typical profile of your customer base and deliver your message to individuals who are most likely to engage with it.

Try it!

Target your mailings.


Who are we talking to? What is their age? What is their level of education? What is their income? What information do we want to communicate to them?

There’s no need to send thousands of letters if you can achieve the same results with just a few hundred. Précigrafik, with more than 35 years of experience, has developed exceptional skills in data management and extrapolation. Our team can help you create a tailored and targeted strategy that concentrates on your desired market, maximizing your ROI.

Discover how our experts utilize the science of activation to drive your consumers to action:

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Personalization, a powerful tool.

C’est prouvé! S’adresser à notre lecteur en utilisant son nom, le nom de son entreprise ou ses habitudes de consommation permet d’attirer et de retenir son attention. Alors, pourquoi s’en passer?

Votre organisation amasse déjà toutes sortes d’informations nécessaires à la création d’un imprimé entièrement personnalisé. Pensez à offrir à votre clientèle un rabais sur produit chouchou, des suggestions de produits qu’elle aimerait probablement dû à ses comportements d’achat ou invitez-la à venir visiter votre boutique avec une offre exclusive. Plein d’opportunités restent à saisir.

Begin a customized project.

Business services in 4 steps.


At Précigrafik, we have built strong and lasting relationships with a multitude of businesses over the years. Our expertise in direct mail marketing enables us to deliver a range of services, from inviting clients to events, recruitment, sending out promotions, thank-you notes, to raising awareness about your business within your local community. Our clients trust us year after year to handle their direct mail marketing needs.

Development of a targeting strategy tailored to your needs and design of your visuals.
Processing your database to meet Canada Post standards and segmentation.
Printing of variable data and/or messages and mechanical insertion into envelopes (if needed).
Production of deposit statements and hassle-free mailing!

Services for Non-Profit Organizations based on your campaign objective.


No matter what cause you endorse, we are here to serve your mission.

Depending on your campaign objective, here’s how we can help:

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Acquérir de nouveaux donateurs


1 - Analyse des données géographiques et démographiques de votre donateur type.


2 - Établir le profil de vos donateurs potentiels.


3 - Ciblage des donateurs potentiels grâce au Cibleur précisMC de Postes Canada.


4 - Choix des caractéristiques d’impression selon votre budget. (Quantité, format, papier, etc.)


5 - Conception d’un visuel accrocheur et persuasif pour votre campagne.


6 - Impression en haute qualité des visuels.


7 - Envoi à la poste sans soucis.

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Obtenir de plus gros dons de la part de vos donateurs actuels.


1 - Vérification sécuritaire et confidentielle de votre base de données de donateurs.


2 - Choix des caractéristiques d’impression selon votre budget. (Quantité, format, papier, etc.)


3 - Conception d’un visuel accrocheur et persuasif. Ajout d’éléments personnalisés avec les informations de vos donateurs.


4 - Impression en haute qualité des visuels.


5 - Envoi à la poste sans soucis.

The Précigrafik experience.

Ecoleader Printer


As a certified FSC printer, committed to eco-responsibility and carbon neutrality, the environment is at the core of our concerns. That’s why we offer a wide range of eco-friendly products and processes to help you add sustainable value to your printed communications. Additionally, we are:

Winner of the 2021 Environmental Award for Best Smartmail marketing Partner by Canada Post.

Our footprint is also yours.
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Canada Post Partner.


Thanks to our partnership with Canada Post and our ongoing training in data extrapolation, you can benefit from our expertise as a Smartmail Marketing expert. Our status also allows us to offer you reduced postal rates.

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Informez-vous de nos tarifs réduits.

Security is a requirement.


We are ISO 27001 certified. This certification guarantees that all of our activities are closely monitored and audited by a third-party firm. Regardless of the number of confidential information defined by Law 25, we will protect these sensitive pieces of information. Whether your database contains a hundred names or several thousand, you can trust that your sensitive information is secure with us.

Security and confidentiality assured.
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Case studies


Take inspiration from successful companies that have created effective direct mail marketing campaigns.

Ready to take advantage of the efficiency of direct mail?

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